4 Reasons to Tour Independent Living Communities During the Holidays

If you are researching senior independent living for yourself or a loved one, the single most important step of that research is to visit an independent living community. Viewing floor plans, photos or reviews don’t bring as much value as an in-person visit does.

Even if you’re not sure an independent living community is in your future, it’s prudent to see the communities in your area in case an unexpected need arises. The winter holiday season is among the best times to visit, here are four reasons why:

  1. The Welcoming Atmosphere
    Independent Living Communities always strive to foster a welcoming atmosphere, but during the holidays, adorned with holiday decorations and lights, the ambiance of senior living communities is particularly warm and inviting. From cheerful residents to the smell of freshly baked holiday treats, senior living communities shine bright during the holidays.
  2. The Family is Together
    For many families, the holidays are one of the only times of the year that adult children are together with their parents for an extended period. This makes the holidays an optimal time for many families to visit senior living communities. It allows togetherness and open conversation, so the whole family can assess the compatibility of the community rather than just one family member.
  3. Plenty of Activities
    Independent living communities provide an abundance of holiday related activities such as holiday music by visiting performers, holiday socials and holiday themed crafting classes.
  4. The Perfect Time for Seniors to Visit
    Visiting an independent living community for a holiday event or activity can be a good introduction to senior living, especially for those who may be somewhat reserved, when it comes to the idea of moving out of your home. Since holiday events are centered around music, children, food, family and fellowship, our loved ones are less likely to feel pressured or singled out when they visit during this time.

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